RENT @ Gammage 3/21/09

Adam Pascal (Roger)

Gwen Stewart (the voice of "Seasons of Love")            

Muriel and I went to go see RENT at Gammage on March 21st, 2009, and it was a great show!  What made this show different was that it featured the Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal) characters from the original Broadway Production and Hollywood Film with a blend of performers from the final run at Nederlander Theatre in NYC (which was also videotaped in HD and can currently be found in stores and online.  So in other words, a great mix of new school and old school.  Like on Broadway, it is a tradition to offer front-row seats for $20, allowing everyone the chance to experience RENT. We know of some students that camped out for 10 hours to purchase some of these.  RENT is a great piece of literature, that thrives on many different levels, and truly shows that understanding, patience, the meaning of friends, and love conquers all.  Also a Broadway tradition, a few of the cast members came out to sign autographs and take pictures with their fans.  We got autographs of Adam Pascal (Roger), and Michael McElroy (Collins) before the show in the parking lot as they were walking from their hotel located across the street, which is kind of cool, because they didn't sign after the show. The cast members we got after the show were Lexi Lawson (Mimi), Nicolette Hart (Maureen), and Gwen Stewart (Mrs. Jefferson and Woman with Bags). Gwen Stewart is also an original performer from the Nederlander Theatre. It is really great that we got to see Gwen. It was her first performance for this Tempe leg of the tour due to a cold she was fighting.

I love this production, and never get tired of it.  The background story of Jonathan Larson, RENT's creator, is quite interesting and adds even more to the meaning and importance of RENT.  Google him.

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