My Friend Chris's Wedding

October 25, 2008

My friend of many years got married on October 25th, 2008. With him just turning thirty,  I joke with him that he was "Hitting the Panic Button", because I too got married right around age thirty. It will be a forever friendly jab at one another.

The wedding itself was very beautiful, as well as the toasts from his friends and family.  He is a good friend to have, and i have known him since around 1995, but I rarely see him anymore.  This happened once before with a girl that he previously dated.  I hadn't seen him or heard from him in eight months, then out of the blue, he calls me up to tell me that he had the feeling that he was getting dumped. It ended out to be a correct guess.  The same thing happened this time around, but instead of getting dumped, he found the girl he always wanted. I am happy about that!  I just wish that he had time like he used to (ie. once or twice a month just to hang out for a couple of hours, play basketball with the guys, or the like.)

Again, the wedding was very nice (especially the silver sparklers). And he is a great friend to have when he has the time.

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