Corporate Videos 

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 Say good-bye to cookie cutter videos! 

At Hands on Fire Design Studio, we are committed to uniqueness in every aspect of our creations, which is precisely why no two videos we produce are ever identical. Our Corporate Video Solution is especially designed to showcase the personality and DNA of your organization, while creating brand consistency, cost efficiency, and increased productivity.

Corporate videos can be utilized in numerous departments, from HR to PR to Marketing, from top level Managers to Entrepreneurs for a variety of applications:

  • Bringing recognition to your company
  • Introducing a newly launched service or product
  • Aligning clients, partners, and staff with guidelines and goals
  • Testimonials supporting your organization or services
  • Employee orientation and training

With more than a decade of experience producing corporate videos that mesh with the individual goals and needs of every unique organization, our team will design a production plan that incorporates every essential detail necessary to compose a compelling custom creation from a basic script provided and desire outcomes. This invaluable tool is within your reach, so contact us today. We are ready to get those cameras rolling!

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