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Remember the first music video you ever watched on MTV? Maybe it was the iconic "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles or perhaps Peter Gabriel's "SledgeHammer" animation video. What a magical and mesmerizing time. Yet, while time may have passed, images from those videos remain in our minds, vivid and clear like it was just yesterday. There's unquestionably a powerful effect when music and images are expertly combined. This remarkable effect is best described by some as: nirvana.

Creating a music video for you as a solo artist or for your band means an incredible opportunity to promote yourself, break away from the rest and connect with your audience in the digital age. It's been said that "the hardest part about creating music videos today is making something truly original and creative". Truth is, it also requires thoroughly planning each and every detail before shooting to achieve a professional and exciting outcome. Hands on Fire Design Studio knows how to bring of all the elements (storyline, photography, and directing, to name a few) involved to make your music come alive, while expressing visual creativity in the process. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get rocking!

All prices and quotes are based on the project and are offered free to you with all the details with no obligation. Contact us today. 

NOTE: Live Audio May Require A Sound Person At An Extra Cost unless artist can provide a CD recording of the performance.


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