Building Solutions for You

Passionate. Inspired. Driven. At Hands on Fire Design Studio, we share your dreams and goals for your organization. We will create solutions for you that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Your brand will positively be brought to life...all without the outrageous fees of traditional advertising/production companies. Hands on Fire Design Studio specializes in creating innovative solutions for all your needs in the fields of video production, brand, and design. Some of the exciting areas we provide assistance with:

Solution VIDEO

Transforming ideas into powerful visual images, sounds and music.

Solution Photo

Communicate your idea with an original concept.

Solution Experience

Create moments of engagement around your target audience.

Solution Makeover

Keep your brand fresh and up to date.

Solution marketing

Media designed to enhance your brand and raise brand awareness.

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Here's a peak at our creative process inside Hands On Fire Design Studio's "Invention Room". Where the wheels and gears never stop turning and all kinds of fun ideas spark and are built to make your idea grow and take shape.

The foundation of our work rests in 3 simple premises:

Ingredients invention


Our emphasis is on good design: Simple, modern, easy to understand, inviting and original. We design in a way so that colors, words, images and sounds project a world-class look to your brand. Our goal is to create a lasting, memorable and outstanding impression with just one glimpse or interaction. After all, like the ancient proverb states: "One picture (image) is worth ten thousand words." 


Simply put, a brand is the very essence of  a business. It becomes what the world knows about you, looks at you or interacts with you. It communicates who you are, and leaves behind a perception in the minds of people. It influences their actions towards you or your business. Branding is critical to companies for creating a good name in the market no matter its size. It is an asset that can help move your business in the right direction.

As brand builders, we help you set yourself apart from the crowd and get more attention, profits and opportunities. We do so by understanding the unique DNA and core of your business or idea and creating tailor made solutions around it.  


Dreams will always be dreams without proper execution. Time after time entrepreneurs want to accomplish bigger projects without the proper resources and then get stuck by the day to day forces seeing no progress on the project at all. By partnering with Hands on Fire Design Studio you will bring your ideas or strategies to life and become a reality. Because we are experts on our field, you can focus on other important business areas and let us move forward your marketing goals succesfully. 


All prices and quotes are based on the project and are offered free to you with no obligation. Contact us today. 

Los precios y cotizaciones se basan en las necesidades específicas de cada proyecto y son ofrecidas sin ninguna obligación para el cliente. Contáctenos hoy mismo.

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